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Over the years I have known Bob both personally and professionally having ridden together and referred many clients. As a result of his firsthand knowledge of the riding community Bob provides unique insight, and a very personal relationship to his clients. When you call upon Karney Law you receive Bob's personal attention from beginning to end. Those I have referred are not only grateful to have Bob as an attorney, but as a friend as well.

Ken Lipack (friend, not client)
-- Harley-Davidson of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC


Bob’s a bulldog in the courtroom, but a puppy in real life. He’s as sharp as a tack when it comes to the law, but I’ve never met a nicer, more supportive person.

Easy Eddie (friend, not client)
-- Easy Eddie's Motorcycle Service,
Mooresville, NC




Bob showed up at my bedside. First words out of his mouth were, “Don’t worry about money, we’re gonna get you back on the road.” He showed up at my home several times; he even showed up with Christmas gifts. There is nobody straighter than Bob, he will do you right. He’s a genuine gentleman, concerned about people on motorcycles who’ve been done wrong.

Bill Poerner



Bob is very down to earth, when you meet him you wouldn’t know he was a lawyer, he’s just another biker. It’s almost like you are the only client he’s got. There was no rushing through my questions. He loves to talk about biking trips. You can talk about what you love, and he knows what you are talking about. It relaxes you. You get the impression that money is not his priority, representing the client is. Bob makes you comfortable, he gives you the impression right from the start… he is on your side.

Desmond and Mary MacFall


I came to Bob in a bad way needing help and he welcomed me with open arms. I had a broken nose, arm in a sling and could barely walk after my motorcycle accident. He and his team immediately jumped on my case and assured me that they would do everything they could to help me. They made me feel like family, not just another case number. Every time I had a question I could always make one phone call and they were there to answer it. It was perfect. As far as the outcome, Bob was able to help me get back on my feet and I was even able to purchase a new motorcycle. I’ve been extremely happy and have ridden every day since I recovered. To this day when I call Bob’s office that personal touch is still there and they ask me how I am and help me with anything I need. It’s the personal touch that makes a difference. I would recommend Bob and his team to all of my friends and family.

Clayton Livingston


Nothing but great things to say about this man and his law firm. This man has been representing bikers like you and me since 1975. Bob has been a dedicated sponsor for several years now and is the first person we call if we have an accident. Nothing like having a "Bulldog" on your side! Save his number (704-577-9360), just in case you ever need it. Karney Law Firm...the official attorney of Steel Rain MC!

John Silver


Bob and his team did an awesome job. I am very thankful for all of their hard work. I was confident in his ability, knowledge and experience with handling motorcycle accidents. Great folks to work with!

Benny Culler


Love you all! Sean was GREAT! I cannot say enough about everyone. It was great to work with everyone there.

Daniel Jandt - MSF Instructor


I had the opportunity to hang with the two awesome lawyers that handled my motorcycle accident case, Sean Clayton and Bob Karney, at the CBA Swap Meet. They went above and beyond to take care of me and get me the best settlement possible. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, I highly recommend The Karney Law Firm! Thank you so much for your help!

Glenn Munson - Hellfighters Motorcycle Ministry


Thanks for all you folks did for us at the worst time of our lives. My wife was overwhelmed and lost. We knew as soon as we met the staff there was nothing to worry about. I could then start the long road to recovery. It's been a pleasure working with you and everyone at the firm.

Bryan F.


If you use an attorney other than Bob Karney for a motorcycle wreck, good luck. I have had 2 total loss wrecks. One was in 2010 and one in 2018. On the 2010 wreck the person at fault had minimal insurance, but Bob got it all. Bob just handed me a great check for the 2018 wreck. Have you ever played tug-o-war with an English Bulldog? When they clamp down on a knotted rope they don't let go. That is Bob and his associates. He will get you everything possible. Thank you Bob, Alisha, Ben, and Sean. Great job, again. Would have given you more stars, but 5 is all the is available.

Ivan Evans


Several years ago I had a motorcycle accident and I hired an attorney. He would never call me back and let me know how the case was going. The case went on for a couple of years. It was really discouraging. Years later when another accident occurred, I contacted Karney Law…I didn’t even have to contact them for updates, they would call me. It was a great experience that I haven’t had with lawyers before.

Jay "Hollywood" Greenfield -- Hollywood's Cycles,
McAdenville, NC


I really appreciated having a biker handle my case because it was a bike accident. Bob knows the passion behind riding a bike. My wife was on the back of my bike during the accident. I remember I said to him when we first met “I don’t know if I will ever ride again.” And he said “You aren’t gonna let some idiot take your fun away.” To this day, that is why I still ride.

Mark and Angie Armondi


More than anything, you know you are going to be talking to someone who understands your situation and the lingo when it comes to bikes versus cars. It is easier to explain to a biker how the accident actually happened.

Matt Bolick -- Professional DJ
and motorcycle enthusiast



I was referred to Bob through a good friend who had been represented by the Karney Law Firm. I called and immediately got an appointment to speak with Bob. During this time I was told how my case would be handled; the repairing of my motorcycle and that the most important thing was my health. I was kept informed by his friendly staff weekly. I never had to call them for anything. They were really personable and caring. I would refer any of my friends to be represented by Bob and his friendly staff.

David Jenkins


When I first contacted The Karney Law Firm via email, they set up an appointment instantaneously. You need to move fast in accidents, timing is everything. We weren’t sure the other driver had insurance at all. Some folks think going through a lawyer takes a lot of energy; if you are setup electronically you don’t have to make a lot of trips into the office.

I didn’t have to mess with an insurance company, which was the great part. I didn’t want to get into that whole shooting match. My bike and my medical bills were taken care of.

My husband had seen Bob’s advertisements. He knew Bob was a biker lawyer, and thought we should go that route because he would understand. He was right.





Greg and I love to ride our Harleys. Greg was in his second near fatal motorcycle accident after Thanksgiving. I was scared, upset, mad, and frustrated with all the things that happen from the moment of the accident forward. As the saying goes, “this ain’t my first rodeo”. I knew I needed a “different” attorney and I immediately called Bob Karney. After being through this chaos once before, I dreaded the whole process. My experience with Bob was so much better than I expected. Bob really was on the side of the rider. He took immediate action to follow up on the accident and the participants. I wasn’t the one doing all the “leg work”. His staff contacted me if there were any questions and they were always calm, thoughtful, and concerned for our well-being. When we had questions, we could call or text Bob directly and he was always there for us. Financially, Bob came through for us! This was so different from our first accident. The whole process was much easier, faster and better all the way around. The other saying is “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” We are so glad that our second accident we chose Bob Karney! Bob, Greg and I thank you profusely for helping us get through this difficult time. We appreciate all you and your staff did to make it easier to handle. We are so grateful!

Greg and Jane LaVoy


The Karney Law Firm was wonderful, they stayed on top of everything and made me feel like family instead of another client. They definitely helped me get through such a horrible time. I will for sure recommend them in the future.

Susan K.


After my accident I got tons of mail from other lawyers but I knew who I needed to call. Bob was highly recommended by a bunch of my biker friends and I liked that he actually rides. From the beginning he and his staff made me feel like family…answered every phone call, kept me informed and took the time to really talk me through all of this. Bob and his whole team are good people. On a scale of 1-10, they are an 11!

Barry Hall


I have only known Bob for a little more than 22 years as my go-to attorney for accidents. For more than 30 years he has been protecting bikers in the Carolinas. He is a tough and good hearted man whose priority is the end results for his clients, who become his friends. He has your back every step of the way and works smarter to get the ultimate end result. He has the knowledge beyond compare and the compassion in his heart to prove to everyone that knows him...being a great lawyer is his life. He is simply the best!

Judy Hedrick


Disclaimer: Any result The Karney Law Firm may have achieved on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate that the same or similar results can be obtained for other clients. Every case is different and the outcome of a particular matter depends on a variety of factors.


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