Patrick "PJ" Smith

...Four years ago Pj was in a coma for 3-4 weeks. After he a woke up his liver went into failure and a transplant was needed for continue life. After a few years of battling a for of forgetting his children and wife (me) he received his liver in March 2016. Not that his mind is 100% but is working again and serves as an Ambassador for Carolina Donor Services. Pj goes around to area groups and talks about the importance of organ donation. lets face it if not for a Donor, Pj wouldn"t be here not. Pj is my hero because he is s fighter. Three times he has come very close to going to heaven. The coma, 12 hour surgery and a virus that was his donors that became Pj's. The virus put him at Duke for 2 months last year, allowing him to miss Thanksgiving and Christmas 2016. He is always cheerful and loves helping other people waiting for transplant. At present he is a mentor as well as the Ambassador.


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