Craig Field

...Craig has been avidly riding motorcycles since 1994. He has ridden on many charity rides. Our daughter, Emily, also loved to ride. There were many late nights when she would suggest, "Hey Dad, let's go for a bike ride." He never turned her down. Craig W. Field is being nominated for this award because of his hard work organizing, founding and being the president of Emily's Kids Foundation. Emily's Kids Foundation was a dream Craig and his 18 year old daughter, Emily, created. Emily was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, stage 4, when she was 17 years old in January, 2008. Ewing's Sarcoma is a very rare genetic childhood cancer that is most often fatal, especially in older children with stage 4. The cancer attacks the bones first, and then moves on to the other vital organs like the kidney, lungs, liver and brain. Emily saw families struggle day after day, night after night, to come up with money for the basic necessities such as money for gas, parking, food, prescriptions and snacks. She told her Dad that when she got well, she wanted him to help her establish a charity to help families who had children with cancer and other blood diseases, such as Sickle Cell and Hemophilia, to have the funds necessary right then and right to be available. Emily passed away on November 22, 2008. She never got to see her dream come to fruition. She lived only 11 months and passed away at age 18. Craig knew how important this dream was to Emily, and he immediately started turning wheels to make her dream a reality. Emily's Kids Foundation, Inc. was founded on May 19, 2009. Before the foundation was actually live and running, he requested any contributions to honor Emily's precious life and her vivacious memory be given to Brenner Children's Hospital where she was treated by the finest doctors and staff. Emily and her Mom also "lived" at Brenner more days and nights than they did at home. Please note, EKF provides equal gifts to ALL 7 hospitals/clinics in NC who have pediatric hematology/oncology units. EKF has distributed approximately $265,000 since it began. All members of the Board of Directors are pro bono. In fact, everyone associated with EKF are volunteers. For many years, EKF has donated 99 cents from every $1 raised or contributed, to the families. The hospital doctors and staff decide who receives the gifts provided. EKF does not have financial forms, etc., that families have to fill out and submit. EKF does not know the families and furthermore does not consider financial or socioeconomic group to be of concern. Craig also started The Emily's Kids Gold Ribbon Scholarship Fund to provide funds and HOPE to children with cancer for their educational needs. An application is required for this because we like to verify the applicant's educational status. This form, however, does not ask for financial information. PLEASE GO TO: and read more about this 501c3 (not for profit) dream that lives on in Emily's honor and memory. Craig has also been very active in his community throughout the years. He coached Pony League Baseball for 7 years. He worked with the Boy Scouts of America for 4 years. He served on the Parental Advisory Daycare Board at his church for many years while his three children attended there. He was also an avid supporter of the PTA where his children went to school.


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