Butch Ewing

...Butch has stayed in the shadows while he took his dog across country twice and to DC several times and numerous Military funeral for our fallen military members. He has honored our military in many ways from standing the flag line with the Patriot Guard Riders, took the rooster of our fallen military across country, and made sure to honor our military at almost any event he could attend. Imagine three children who lost their father in the war. He took his dog to the funeral and for a few minutes the dog relieved them of their grief while they petted him. He stood in the heat and rode in the rain, all in efforts to get his dog to comfort fallen military families at the funerals of their fallen. He did this on his own time and own money even when he was unemployed at one time and the money was tight at their home. He also did video after video of the funerals so the families would have something to keep as a keepsake after they buried their loved ones. He has always stayed in the shadows while his dog got all the credit but there is no doubt he has honored more military members then the usual person has ever thought of. His dog Chewy was the USO ambassador. That was Chewy's title but it was Butch who was the backbone and support person who got the dog to where it needed to be at all times. The military and Veterans are fortunate to have someone support them like Butch continues to do.  


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