Bikers are some of the most generous and giving members of our society and every year we proudly honor them for their outstanding contributions to their communities with the Bulldog Hero Awards™.   

In 2019 we were proud to present the 8th Annual Bulldog Hero Awards™! Three bikers were honored as Bulldog Heroes and each received BIG CASH DONATIONS to their charities of choice - 1st place - $3000, 2nd place - $2000 and 3rd place - $1000



  • Nominee must live and ride in NC or SC.
  • Nominee must make a difference in his/her community.
  • Nominee must attend award presentation on July 21 
  • To allow different nominees/charities the chance to be recognized, a person cannot be nominated more than twice

2019 Bulldog Hero Nominees

James goes by Bo and is Santa in the winter, Captain Spaulding at Halloween, and always a mental health worker. He works with mental health individuals and takes care of two MR\MI adult men in his home. He’s supported me as my mother goes through stage four lung cancer. He’s been a rock star drummer now playing drums in our church. He constantly helps in the community this summer he will be Santa in July for fundraising in our little town of Elkin and Jonesville NC. He constantly looks to help a fellow biker on the road and often just takes it out of his pocket to fix whatever the problem is. He’s raised 100s of kids through group homes and continues to counsel several after they grew up. Bo is more than a husband, father, grandfather, friend and biker. He’s a friend to the friendless a mentor to the mentally handicapped. He’s always willing to lend a hand to others. Bo’s charity of choice this year has been the Breast Cancer for his sister, my mother and others that fight daily and Toys for Tots in honor of our son and son in law that serves in the military. Thanks for your time and even if he doesn’t win a bulldog award he will always be my hero my Bo.

Yes, I am nominating my husband for this award. He is an amazing biker in many ways. You will never meet another individual who so selflessly gives so much of himself. Not only is he a very active member of the COC and the CMOU, he will do everything he can to attend every charity event he sees. He not only donates money, but more time than anyone I've ever met. He goes above and beyond for his family, brothers, and the community. He's a very loyal and positive member of the biker community.

Chip does a relentless job of providing flag lines for fallen veterans, has been the primary coordinator for the Vietnam Memorial Wall, reaches out to help people with substance abuse problems and helps them to recovery and spares no expenses to accomplish all this.

Jarrett works hard everyday for his family but also works hard everyday for his community. He is the President and driving force of the Steelhorse Strangers Motorcycle Club. We have 501c3 status and do a Toy Run each year to benefit Santa’s Helpers of Person County, last year we raised 23,000 and had 348 bikes participate in the run. This event alone allows Santa’s Helpers to provide toys to underprivileged youth without going to the Marine Corp and requesting additional funding from the Toys for Tots Program, it also has allowed Person County to hand pick teens who are in need of clothing and shoes, jackets and take them shopping at Peebles Department Store. This was Jarrett’s vision 10 years ago and I am so proud to be able to stand by him to see what he has built. In addition Jarrett is attending rides every weekend that he is off work and sending donations when he can’t be there. He is a bulldog Hero!

Todd stopped by my house...the ONLY person out of 2 (one being my dad) Sunday a few weeks back when my daughters had a lemonade stand. He purchased a cup for himself and his wife. They coordinated a group of about 13 to come and support my daughter's fundraiser for school lunch debt! Not only that, but he and his amazing wife Christy are coordinating a day at Hickory Walmart for Biker Safety Month to bring awareness and help support their efforts once again! They are an amazing group - Iron Order and Iron Maidens and I hope and pray you pick them, specifically Fr8ttrain (Todd) for this amazing Hero award!!!!

He is always raising money to help children in need...Children's Advocacy and Protection Center, Sipes Orchard Home, Levine Hospital, and many local charities that ask for his support to just lead them in the right direction and get them started. When asked, he will go where needed to advise, help, and get those new organizations up and going with his guidance and caring support for their charities. He is currently President of Twisted Covenant MSC, and was past Director of Catawba Valley HOG Chapter. He never takes credit for his hard work and is always telling everybody it takes a great group of volunteers and support to get all the events planned and completed. He always makes sure that 100% in donations always goes back to the charities. I know he was nominated a few years ago for "Charity of the Year" in Catawba County. After 35 years in HOG he was led to move on and create his own club where he could dedicate more time to charity efforts and not be tied up in Milwaukee guidelines. He has no Club House, nothing to tie the club down to payments, so at the end of the year the club will give every dollar away to charity and only leave $100 in the account. This is on top of all the other Poker Runs, fundraisers, and mentoring to see that others can succeed at their events for those in need. For all of these reasons and many more, I can't list them all, Billy Dagenhart deserves your vote for Bulldog Heroes Award!


John (aka Joker) while serving in the NC National Guard, as a career soldier, recognized a need, locally, to serve Veterans in and around NC. Along with several others, they planned, organized and then formed Steel Rain Motorcycle Club. It's mission was and still is, to bring active and retired members of the military together, along with other like minded individuals, to identify needs of Veterans on the local level. Since its creation in 2011 and under John's leadership as President, SRMC members have raised over $40,000 to benefit organizations and individuals in and around Concord and Winston Salem NC. Organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Patriot Military Foundation and Family Support Groups of local National Guard units. Along with Veterans living alone assisted living facilities or a child without a toy to open for Christmas. John's tireless efforts and his willingness to donate his time, along with his leadership has allowed SRMC to consistently give those around us, who need a helping hand, that opportunity to have a better life. From money raised from grassroots fundraisers to the miles ridden in support of organizations, John is always there, willing to do what has to be done, to improve the lives of those around us. John's final assignment in NC Guard was the State Retention NCOIC (Non Commissioned Officer In Charge), leading a team of six other Guardsmen. In this role, John counseled both Guardsmen and the traditional soldier through their careers all the way up to the Pentagon. In John's spare time, he routinely volunteers his time and money, smoking award winning BBQ to donate to local organizations who sell the BBQ to raise funds for their local charities. As you can see, from this snap shot of John's life, John is service oriented to our local communities. More about Steel Rain MC

I would like to nominate Tom Tarlton for this award due to his great giving back to the people in a two county area. Tom is one of the originators of the Frosty Balls ride that has happened on Thanksgiving day morning every year in Albemarle NC. This will be the 13th year for this ride. He goes above and beyond to help out and give back to people that need a helping hand that are not asking for it. Tom gives selflessly with his time and money to help those that are in need. He goes above the call as a father and a friend and anyone would be lucky to have him as a friend. You can always count on him when you need him the most. He is the type of man that would give you the shirt off his back and not expect anything in return.

Wayne is the president of Bikers Trash Nation. They raise money all year long for different organizations. The one that is the most of his heart is the Toys for Tots. He works so hard all year round to raise money for kids to go buy them all different types of toys and they go pick them up and deliver them to where they need to go. They use all the money that is raised for all the children that wouldn't be able to get a toy or clothes to be able to give to the kids that don't have a Christmas. When Christmas comes he works a full time job. It takes many amounts of money with the different types of challenges to be able to raise money for Toys for Tots. Wayne Pinnix is one awesome person that I think deserves this bulldog award. I can't say enough of what he does for the different types of organizations all year round. I believe that Wayne Pinnix deserves the bulldog award for all his hard work that he does for the toys for tots and many more organizations. I would love to see this man get this award. He helps out all that he can all year round I fell in my heart that he deserves this award and would carry it with high honors. Thank you for my submission on this bulldog award.

Matthew lives in Millers Creek NC and is a single dad of the three good looking kids in the picture. He rides with a group Guardians of the Children High Country Chapter where he holds the position of Sargent at Arms. The purpose of this group is to help the abused and neglected kids in the Wilkes County area. Matthew was in an accident at work several months ago that has left him with respiratory issues. Even though he is struggling to keep up with his own three he is still the most active member of the Guardians. Any time, anywhere he hears of a child in need or some way he can help he is on it. Thank you for considering him.

James tragically lost his son, Blake, in 2017 at the age of 26. Because Blake was an organ donor, LifeShare of the Carolinas gave the gift of sight to two people with his corneas, and has helped over 20 others with Blake's organs and tissue. Last year, on the anniversary of Blake's death, James organized a memorial bike ride in Blake's honor, and raised over $2000, which was donated to LifeShare. The money was used to design and print a brochure to raise awareness for LifeShare and its work. James has also spoken at several events for LifeShare to promote their work and mission. He intends to make the memorial ride in Blake's honor an annual event. He is continuing to work to turn his tragedy into good.

Tracie has always given her heart and soul to the community. In 2011 she was a recipient of one of the 50 Most Influential Women in the Charlotte community due to her heart of gold and giving back to the community through service. Tracie has always made giving to others a priority. However, recently in 2018 she lost her oldest son to a 10 year battle to the disease of addiction, and fought by his side-relentlessly trying to find hope and resources. Tracie, in the midst of her unimaginable grief, has created 3 projects in less than a year to bring awareness to addiction and honor her son Joshua. She is now in the process of adding 1000 sqft to a homeless shelter that will now open doors to the homeless addiction community during extreme weather conditions as well as create 2 family suites. She is also helping open the Foundry House that will house 19 men rebuilding their lives after addiction recovery or reentry into society after prison and continues to work with the Coalition Against Child Abuse to offer a place for children to retreat during a court session so they don't have to sit face to face in the courtroom with their perpetrator. Tracie is also meeting with addiction facilities to discuss the effects of addiction on families. She also rides with our sons and our son's friends as a way to spend quality family time together. This amazing woman digs her heels in to help anyone and everyone she can. This amazing woman is relentless in helping others even in her darkest days of loss of a child. If anyone deserves encouragement it's a woman that would give her heart, soul, and her own paycheck to help others succeed. If awarded the gift would be given to the Hesed House of Hope in honor of Joshua's hope to bring awareness of addiction and to bring hope to all on the journey. But most importantly to have the passion of her son Joshua to live on in helping others overcome. Thank you #digheelsinandgetonthethrottle #thejourneyoflife-rideon

Al is the President of Rolling Thunder South Carolina Chapter 1. His relentless pursuit is to make sure Our Mission continues for years to come. He leads our chapter with Passion, Integrity and Honor. He organizes events to support as many Veterans as we can and recently organized an event to ride to Columbia to support a WWII veteran that didn’t have a family upon passing. Truly a great moment for our chapter to show dedication to all Veterans. As he always says “Our Mission continues until they all come home” Thank you for considering what I consider a hero and a Bulldog for his cause!

Chris is a member of the Krusers MC. He is continuously doing good things for kids and less fortunate, including autism and fallen bikers. A tunnel that goes under a busy intersection for kids to get to school was a mess and they renovated it and cleaned it up so kids could walk through to the other side. He is a great example of what a Bulldog Hero is.

Scott is a Bronze Star recipient and member of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. In that role, he helps to make life better for all combat vets. The organization assists veterans having difficulties with things such as PTSD.

Gary was responsible for the organization of the 11th Annual Honoring their Service Motorcycle and Jeep Escort. This event welcomes and honors our Marines. The MARSOC Marines Special Operations Command based out of Camp Lejeune and the Upstate Warriors representing all branches of service that have been deployed and are welcomed back for a week of well deserved R&R . This year there were 128 motorcycles and 12 Police escorts to control traffic for the 40 mile ride and parade through 4 cities. All along the route hundreds of patriotic Americans waved flags and showed their respect for these warriors who have been deployed in 60 different countries. One marine was quoted saying "Traveling through the towns and seeing the level of support from the communities is one of the most humbling and fulfilling experiences of my life". It's really moving to see the communities come out in support of our warriors. I'm proud to be an American.

Scott is a bulldog hero because he is selfless and so deserving. He would and has given the shirt off of his back for anyone. He is my hero!

Mark Bowman is one of those people that from the first time you meet him you can tell there’s something different. Selflessness is the only way I can put it. I have only known Mark about 3 years, and I have been amazed at the time and energy he puts into every Poker Run, Benefit Ride, Toy drive he is involved with in any capacity. With any of the rides that he puts together, or is asked to help plan, he will plan them out and ride the route himself or with others to make sure that the route and road conditions are safe for all to ensure a safe and enjoyable day of riding. He and his wife Tammy attend Freedom Biker Church in Hickory, and have also been involved with the local soup kitchens in the surrounding communities for many years. Mark is the lead Road Captain for the Rolling Saints RC. As a member of the club, he has been able to use that as an opportunity to meet and greet with both MC & RC clubs in the area to bridge the gap as they say of the different clubs and bring together as many as possible for the events and rides in the surrounding area. Rain or shine, cold or hot, Mark is there with all he has to give to the event, or person he is trying to help out with their needs. This is just an observation and witness to the man and his desire to go above and beyond, and always helping others, and never looking nor asking for any type recognition.

She & her husband own a small town bar. They use it as a platform to help all they can. If someone’s sick, been injured in an accident, has a house fire, they have a benefit, poker run. They have bbq plates that they sell, raffle tickets, 50/50 tickets, auctions. Everything is donated. All monies raised goes toward the cause. At Christmas, she has a toy drive for children in Stokes Co. she has lots of good people to help her, but she is the Bulldog Hero behind it all. She is so deserving, you will never hear her complain.

Shawn served in the US Army for 20 years active duty, 28 years total Reserve and National Guard also. He deployed several times to Iraq and Afghanistan and served for a year unaccompanied in Korea. We have been married for 23 years and raised 7 amazing kids throughout that time. He retired as a 1SGT and we moved 8 times during Shawn's career. At every duty station Shawn would not only volunteer with our children, but he would encourage his soldiers to volunteer also. He setup mentoring programs with several of his units and local schools and community rec centers throughout his career. Two of his son followed his example and joined the Army, another son joined the Navy and our daughter joined the Air Force. We have a daughter who recently graduated Appalachian State University and a son in Newberry. Our youngest son is still in high school but is considering joining the Marines. Now that he is retired he continues to volunteer in our community through several veterans organizations and have recruited others to join and be involved. We also allow community members to use our sports bar free of charge to host benefits for loved one who need help with medical expenses. Shawn is not only a hero to me and our family, but he is a hero to our community!!!

I have known Darby most of my life, we grew up together. I have known Betty for several years now. Both have hearts of gold! Bikers with a Cause organizes 5 rides a year for the children at the Rockwell NC Orphanage. There are 4 Quarterly Birthday Rides & Parties then the annual Dec Christmas ride. They have been organizing 5 rides a year since 2008. They ride every quarter to celebrate the Birthdays of any children residing at the facility at the time then towards the end of the year usually the first week in Dec they organize for the annual Christmas party. Each ride the Admin of the facility sends them a list of First names (only) of the children currently there and what they would like for their birthday or Christmas. Bikers then choose the child(ren) they want to support, buy the gifts the child asked for to make sure each child gets as much on their list as possible. Each party is complete with many gifts for each child along with Birthday Cakes. These Birthday and Christmas parties are both humbling and heartbreaking as you can tell some Children have never had any gifts for their birthday or Christmas much less a Party hosted just for them. By the time most of us leave, we all found a child we could relate to or want to support the entire time they are at the Orphanage. These rides and events take up much of the Dillard’s time, yet no matter what, they keep moving forward each quarter. Darby had to have a kidney transplant back a few years ago, but even that didn’t stop Betty from organizing and hosting the rides for “their kids”. PLEASE NOTE: Many times the kids names change at last minute! Some have left the facility while others have come in. Darby and Betty do their best to make sure any new names added at last minute are taken care of, even if it comes out of their own pockets! Speedway HD in Concord also helps support this ride allowing us to start off from their facility. Cabarrus County Sheriff’s, escort the Riders. Cases with a Cause Uptown Catering Bethel Baptist Church Law Petroleum Rockwell Gang Dent Be Gone M & M Landscaping Raising Glory Band I think the Salisbury article from Dec 2018 Christmas Run says it all! See link below:

It is with pride and honor that I write this nomination of support for Jack C. Waters, Jr. for the 2019 Bulldog Hero Award. I have known Jack since 2014 when he came to work at the UNC School of the Arts. One of the first events that Jack helped organize was Staff Council’s annual recognition of veterans. Staff Council through Jack's leadership, partnered with the Military Affiliated Students Task Force, to offer several events in honor of veterans. In addition to the annual luncheon on Veterans Day, there was an Open House at our Teaching and Learning Center and a screening of a short documentary film, Son of Lexington, filmed and directed by UNCSA alumni Joe Cornelius, about Joshua Harris, a local artist and Navy Seal from Lexington, NC who was killed in Afghanistan in 2008. It is through events such as this that I had the opportunity to learn more about the caring, compassionate and dedicated side of Jack Waters. One day I was having a conversation with Jack about these Veterans Day activities, and he started telling me about community events that he has played an active role in. • Since 2010, Jack has played a major role in coordinating an annual event held in Lexington, NC, known as “Ride for Angels”, to raise funds for Hospice of Davidson County’s capital campaign. • From 2011-2014, Jack was the Director of the “Josh Harris Veterans Festival” held at the Davidson County Fairgrounds, which featured live music, food vendors, and a motorcycle benefit ride to raise funds for the “Fort Bragg Fisher House” in North Carolina, “Give to the Troops” in South Carolina, and other agencies that help soldiers overseas in combat, families of injured soldiers and our veterans. • Currently, Jack is the director of an annual event called “Big Bikes for Purple Hearts”. The money raised is donated to the Northwest Piedmont Purple Heart Foundation. From Matt Horvat, Staff Council Chair at the UNC School of the Arts (where Jack works and was the 2018 recipient of the Staff Outstanding Community Service award): "Big Bikes for Purple Hearts" is an annual fundraiser Jack Waters created and has managed since 2016. It is one thing to read about it on paper, or hear about it through word of mouth, but I was fortunate enough to encounter this miles-long cavalcade of motorcycles on a sunny afternoon in June. Several hundred men and women managing motorcycles in two long, neat rows is an incredible sight to behold. A sight that stopped traffic as motorists facing the opposite direction were compelled to pull over and watch for minutes as the crew passed. What is especially impactful is knowing that not only were the motorcycles heading in the same direction, but for the same reason: to give their time and money back to their community.” From Ginger Amos, President of Northwest Piedmont Purple Heart Foundation, wrote the following to me: “Jack has worked with the Northwest Piedmont Purple Heart Foundation for the past four years in planning our annual Purple Heart Banquet to honor Purple Heart Veterans, Gold Star families and deceased Purple Heart family members who reside within a 16-county area. Each year it takes a rather large budget to recognize these veterans and one guest with a reception, banquet, token of appreciation and entertainment. Jack has organized a bike ride each year that we call Big Bikes for Purple Hearts which brings in riders from all over the state of North Carolina as well as South Carolina and New York. This year we had approximately 270 riders participate in the ride as well as purchase raffle tickets, shirts and participate in other fundraising and enjoy the entertainment. Jack is the contact for every aspect of this event: publicity, food, entertainment, ride, law enforcement detail and raffle items. In 2018, the bike ride raised $8,023.00. Jack's drive and determination for this event is his love for Veterans! He has seen first hand in the response from the Purple Heart Veterans in attending this event and the recognition that they receive and love and appreciation from this group.” From Jack’s wife, Rhonda Yocum-Waters: I know he is my husband but he gives back so much! Plus he took on me with my 9 children from my first marriage. I know that is not community service, but sure says a lot – he is A GREAT STEP FATHER. Yes, I am truly blessed.” Jack is a tireless advocate for both veterans and our currently-serving military through fundraisers for veterans, active service members and their families. He has organized large-scale motorcycle rides, festivals and fundraising dinners to support those causes. He manages “Big Bikes for Vets,” a non-profit organization to honor and raise funds for Purple Heart Veterans. Jack Waters is the epitome of what going above and beyond is all about Thank you for taking the time to read this nomination and for considering Jack Waters for this prestigious award.

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