Bikers are some of the most generous and giving members of our society and every year we proudly honor them for their outstanding contributions to their communities with the Bulldog Hero Awards™.

This year we are proud to present the 7th Annual Bulldog Hero Awards™. Five bikers will be selected as Bulldog Heroes; one will be named the Bulldog Hero of the Year and will receive $1,000 to be donated to his/her charity of choice. Four others will be named Bulldog Heroes and each will received $500 to be donated to their charity of choice. 

VOTE FOR YOUR HERO   Voting begins Aug 20

CELEBRATE   Awards presented Sept 22 at Capital City Bikefest 

Eligibility rules: 

  • Nominee must live and ride in NC or SC.
  • Nominee must make a difference in his/her community.
  • Nominee must attend award presentation on Sept 22 
  • To allow different nominees/charities the chance to be recognized, a person cannot be nominated more than 2 times.

2018 Bulldog Hero Nominees

...David and Missie are the owners of Double D's Burnout Saloon in Kernersville, North Carolina. They are always involved in the community using their venue to have fundraisers, rides and anything else you may need. They stay involved in Toys for Tots year round and enjoy it at the same time. They are not recognized enough.

JD is the pastor at Freedom Biker Church Fayetteville. He is very visible to the community and he volunteers to help others. A great leader and a biker.

Wayne is not only A hard working truck driver everyday, but he is a Volunteer Fire Fighter At Dallas Fire Dept, Dallas,NC. No matter what time the call comes thru he jumps and runs the call. He's always there if they need him to volunteer for events, chastity drives, etc. He is A father, husband, and a great Man all around. Little does people know but his oldest daughter is not his biological child, when her mother and him started dating, she was already pregnant by a guy who did not ever want to have anything to do with the baby, Wayne made a promise then he would raise the child like it was his own, and he did just that she is 17 now and does know he's not her real father, but does not care to her he's her Dad! I'm very proud to call this man my husband and he's our HERO for everything he does.

He is a Marine who goes out of his way to help people in need. He lost his wife 7 years ago to cancer. He has battled 3 heart attacks. Any time anyone needs anything he is there to help. He raised $21,000 in 4 hours to help a dying friend. Tony is a wonderful loving man. He has always given his all to help anyone or any cause in need. His faith and belief of helping others inspires me.

Tony King, aka Maddog, is always the first to step up and get rallies and benefits going when anyone is in need of help. Every benefit I go to he is there encouraging people to donate more. He organizes rallies and leads them as well. He dedicates weeks and months into organizing one rally and he seems to always have a rally he's doing. I think he's an awesome person for all the time he puts in on nothing but helping others in need. 

Kris formed the Logan Stroud Foundation in 2010 in recognition of her son, Logan, who lived 26 hours after suffering a traumatic brain injury from an automobile accident. Since its inception, LSF has raised over $120,000 from annual fundraising events. Contributions are made to organizations that assist patients and family members affected by traumatic brain injuries. It also provides an annual scholarship to the high school that Logan attended. Kris pours her heart and soul into making the foundation a success and helping others.

My husband Clint is the President of the Concerned Bikers Association/ABATE of Cleveland County. He loves to ride his motorcycle and is very passionate about the CBA/ABATE and making a difference. He volunteers his time as President. Anytime someone is in need of help, he is right there to help! We are so blessed to have him as our President in Cleveland County, as he is trying his best to make a difference and encourage people to fight for the rights and safety of motorcyclists. He is a very hard worker and loves his job in custom cabinetry. He goes above and beyond in his field of work. He is definitely my hero and I'm proud of have him as my husband!

Mike Dyson is well known in the Hickory NC area as a very charitable man. He started and still leads the local toy run. A big toy run, best in my long life. Bikers do more than just toss toys in a truck. We meet the kids getting them and they have a Christmas Pageant for us. Mike owns the oldest biker bar in town and another bar. Mike gives bikers a place where they are truly welcome. Not just another yuppie biker-theme bar. I did a big story last fall in The Carolinas' Full Throttle Magazine on Mike and his years of service to the community. Mike has a long history of helping Bikers and anyone in need. He is a hero to many folks.

He is forever taking care of special needs children and also takes the graduate class to the beach every year. Teddy bear does amazing things for the kids at north Shelby school. He truly is a hero, nobody would tell you any different. He's is the biggest fan of all the special needs kids and their families at NSS. HE brightens everyone's day and life. He goes above and beyond and he deserves to be recognized. Carl is a friend to everyone and plays a big part in the lives of disabled and disadvantaged children.

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Bulldog Hero Awards™
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