Play it SAFE

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Play it SAFE

Safety is a two-way street and both riders and drivers need to do their part. Learn how to play it SAFE on the road with these easy to remember tips.   





S tay back

Don't follow too closely. Keep a safe distance between yourself and the vehicle ahead. Drivers need enough time to react if that vehicle makes a sudden turn or stop. 

A niticipate

Constantly scan the road ahead and check your mirrors. Keep your eyes moving. Pay attention to the middle and far distance, not just what is happening immediately ahead of you. Be aware and alert. 


Eliminate and manage distractions, like phones, food and passengers. You cannot drive safely unless the task of driving has your full attention. 


Educate yourself and others on how to stay safe on the road. Refresh yourself on the rules of the road and share those tips with others. 


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