Getting Your Motorcycle Ready for Spring

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Getting Your Motorcycle Ready for Spring

Karney Law, a motorcycle accident law firm in NC, knows the excitement that bikers feel when getting ready to break their bikes back out for Spring. Don’t let that excitement distract you from doing a thorough inspection of all aspects of your bike before going for that first Spring ride.


Since winter is ending and spring is about to begin, many people are getting excited about the chance of getting back on their motorcycles. In many places, the winter season is the time that the motorcycle gets stored away. During this time, most motorcycles will need some form of preparation before they are ready to operate for the spring. So before you turn that ignition, here are some preparation tips to follow.


The amount of time that it takes to prepare the motorcycle for the spring will depend on how much preparation was put into storing it for the winter. The owner’s manual has several tasks people should perform before they store their bikes. If the motorcycle owner performs these tasks, then getting the bike ready for the spring will be easier and cheaper. Fortunately, most of the maintenance needed for winter storage and spring preparation can be performed by the owner. If the owner cannot perform the maintenance procedures, a qualified mechanic should be consulted.


One result of winter storage for the motorcycle is extra condensation and this will usually cause problems in the gas tank and carburetor. Therefore, many motorcycle mechanics recommend that people drain all the fuel from the gas tank. After the fuel has been drained, they should be sure to clean the fuel filter and look for signs of rust in the carburetor. Once these steps have been performed, the motorcycle owner should fill the gas tank with fresh fuel for the winter.


It is also important for the motorcycle owner to do an inspection of the oil. If the oil looks milky, then water probably leaked into the oil filter during winter storage; therefore, the oil and the oil filter should be replaced.


Finally, before the owner begins to enjoy riding his or her motorcycle again, there should be an inspection of the brakes and the brake fluid. The brake pads should be checked for any signs of wear; if the brakes appear to be worn out, then they should be immediately replaced. If the brake fluid is low, more fluid should be added to get it to the proper level.


If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, contact Karney Law Firm, a Greensboro motorcycle accident lawyer. Over the last two decades Bob Karney has helped hundreds of people in North Carolina and South Carolina successfully navigate these systems. 

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