Holiday Shopping For the Biker in Your Life

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Holiday Shopping For the Biker in Your Life

This holiday season don’t forget your favorite riders. Bikers, like everyone else, love the holidays and love giving and receiving gifts. This year, impress the bikers in your life with the latest and greatest gear.

Purchasing motorcycle related gifts may seem like a daunting task for many non-bikers who need to shop for friends or family who ride, but the truth is there are so many great and practical gifts out there for bikers. You should have no problem selecting the right items with the help of our list.

Gifts for riders can include anything from clothing to technical gear and safety items.


Clothing is always a great option for any gift, and bikers are no exception. Giving clothes can be something as simple as a great sweater or shirt to be worn when riding to a heavy-duty leather jacket for when the weather drops a little. Even branded pieces from manufacturers like Yamaha and Triumph make fantastic gifts.  Don’t forget headgear. While bikers wear helmets on the road, something like a Harley-Davidson baseball cap is a perfect solution to helmet hair, once you get off the bike.

For the more practical shoppers, you could try something performance related in terms of clothing. Items such as gloves or socks specifically made for motorcycle boots are always appreciated, and show you care. If your recipient rides during the cold weather, you can even buy heated gloves.

While there are some additional factors involved in giving boots or helmets (they run a little more expensive and you need to know the exact size), they are a gift any biker would love and appreciate.

Convenience Items

The gift of convenience may not seem like something you could wrap up and tie with a bow, but it shows you are thoughtful and have thought about what would truly be a gift to your recipient. Things like microfiber towels for cleaning their bike, stands, carrying cases and bags for their equipment or even gift certificates to local bike shops, all allow the biker to think more about riding than maintaining their bike.

Bike Parts and Upgrades

Getting something for the motorcycle can be intimidating, because it is a tricky purchase. I would recommend this gift for someone you know VERY well. This way if it needs to be exchanged or discussed in advance, it’s someone who is comfortable doing this. You need to know what is already on the bike, and what is compatible with that specific motorcycle model.

Additionally, getting things for the actual bike is part of the customization process and is a very personal gift. It might be helpful to point various things out and see how the recipient reacts prior to purchase.


Lastly, if you need to buy something small for a motorcycle enthusiast, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of novelty gifts. Stickers, signs, decals, and ties are all welcome gifts to any biker. It shows you care and recognize the things they are passionate about, even if the gift is small.


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