Safety Tips from the Road

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Safety Tips from the Road

Finding yourself in dangerous situations on the road, learning from mistakes and sharing your experiences may allow you and others to avoid bad situations on the road. I came across a few safety tips in the latest issue of the HOG Magazine that I wanted to share with you. They were in the feedback section from riders like you and me. Some of them really resonated with me, as I follow similar personal rules while riding. Check them out and, as always, ride safe. 


"My tips for riding safely are to have plenty of lights on the front and rear of the bike, and to slow down, which gives motorists time to see you and you time to react...An added benefit of slowing down is that you’ll feel like riding more miles in a day. Speeding all day and fighting traffic will wear you out." - Joe McCloskey

"I was riding to work at sunrise and noticed a huge carcass in the middle of the road. I thought somebody must have hit a bear, as big as it was. Sure enough. As I went to go around the bear, it turned and snapped at me, catching my foot...My advice: never assume that a carcass in or alongside the road is dead. It may come back to bite you." - C.H. Trammell

"When approaching a line of traffic, I always move towards the righthand tire track, which allows the oncoming drivers to see me as quickly as possible and allows me a little more time to react in the event of an unwanted move by one of the oncoming vehicles. My goal is to be seen as early as possible and to provide myself with the most time to react. When the line of traffic has passed, I move back into the left-hand tire track until oncoming traffic warrants another move to the right." - Greg Keller


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