Common Types of Motorcycles Currently on the Market

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Common Types of Motorcycles Currently on the Market

Have you been toying with the idea of getting a motorcycle? Who hasn’t? Riding has become increasingly more popular. Once you have decided you are interested in getting a bike, you will need to consider what kind of motorcycle is the right motorcycle for you. Most bike enthusiasts will have a clear idea of what sort of bike they want to ride in correlation to their lifestyle, however if you are still undecided we have organized the six most popular bike styles into a simple list.


For decades, there weren’t many motorcycle options to choose from. They fell into one of two categories: street bikes or dirt bikes. Many even looked somewhat the same. But during the 1980’s, bike makers began to stray from the status quo and created different bikes for different types of riders.  That trend has since evolved into tons of different styles. The six most popular bike styles are choppers, sport bikes, cruisers, dual sport bikes, and scooters.


Chopper: Historically, the chopper was the bike of choice for outlaw bikers, rebels, and garage builders. Now, with the assistance of builders like Orange County Choppers, Indian Larry, Jesse James, and of course the most iconic: Harley Davidson, choppers are just as refined and artistic as any other bike.  While choppers have had mainstream success, these beasts are more about looks than comfort, so if you’re looking for a comfortable ride, then do not choose this one.


Sport bike: Sport bikes, often considered the “speed machines” of the motorcycle market, are always high-powered with high tech, sophisticated suspension systems and high-performance brakes. Sport bikes are known for having the latest and greatest technology you can find on two wheels. This is probably the most frequent motorcycle you will see on the road. A mix between power and comfort, sport bikes are just as good on 3-4 hour rides on twisty roads or your daily commute.


Cruiser: Unlike choppers, cruisers are intended for a much more comfortable and relaxing ride. This style is very iconic like the chopper, but is the better choice for long road cruises (hence the name). Many beginner riders envision themselves cruising along beautiful sprawling highways or slick city streets at night. If that’s your goal, you should be shopping for a cruiser. The low seat height, fat rear tires, and overall style make a cruiser a perfect touring bike touting an impeccably comfortable ride.


Dual Sport: Dual Sport motorcycles are like the all-purpose utility tool of the biker world.  Available in a huge variety of styles and sizes, dual sport bikes (otherwise known as ADV bikes) are essentially the best of a dirt bike and a street bike. Usually a dual sport bike will have suspension equipped for riding off road as well as a motor that can handle distance riding.  Similarly to dirt bikes, these bikes are made for longer distance traveling with a good-sized fuel tank to carry you the distance. They work well for rougher roads, as this style focuses on having good suspension. On the flip side, a dual sport bike can be great for commuting, since they tend to be light and easily maneuverable.


Scooters: I know what you are thinking, what is a scooter doing on the list? Don’t sell this option short. The bikes are typified by the Italian Vespas. They’re smaller bikes for commuting rather than super long distances. The engines tend to be smaller on them, though power scooters can still sport large engines. Scooters range in size from 50cc to 650cc, so they are clearly a versatile option, and don’t skimp on the latest and greatest technology. Plus, scooters have an automatic transmission and feature a clean, smooth ride; perfect for the beginner rider. and feature a clean, smooth ride; perfect for the beginner rider. 

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