The Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

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The Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

No matter how skilled or experienced you may be, riding a motorcycle will always be dangerous. Bikes today provide more protection than any previous models, but that alone should not be counted on to keep you safe while riding.  A well-maintained bike, tires in great condition, and powerful breaks aren’t always enough to keep you safe while riding.

The first step to reducing your chances of being harmed in a motorcycle crash is to be educated. Too many people grab a bike and hit the road without taking the time to properly research or educate themselves on motorcycle safety. Every new rider should complete a motorcycle operator safety course. While you may not want to shell out more cash for a class after already investing in your dream bike and gear, the tuition is often less money than people expect and when you consider the fact that this information can save your life, it is well worth it.  Simple safety tips like educating yourself, wearing the proper gear and investing in a bike that you are comfortable with and fits you goes a long way in preventing an injury or crash.

Unfortunately, sometimes accidents are unavoidable, and knowing what to expect when out on the open road is invaluable. Listed below are the top four common causes of motorcycle accidents. 

  1. Cars Turning Left. The most common cause of motorcycle collisions is a car turning left inside of a bike. The driver may not see you or realize you are there, or they may be aware you are there but not properly judge the distance or your speed correctly. Regardless of why a car may not see a motorcycle, these accidents are often deadly.  The only way to avoid this sort of accident is to see it coming.  If you believe there is even the slightest chance of a vehicle turning left in front of you, slow your bike down, be prepared to brake and know that you may need to get out of the way quickly.
  2. Gravel. The joy of driving down a side street is something most bikers can’t resist. Nothing quite beats enjoying nature while riding down a winding road. One of the drawbacks of these scenic routes is unexpected gravel or loose sand. One wrong move and your front tire gets tripped up, causing your bike (and you) to slide down the road. The only way to truly avoid this sort of accident is to avoid this type of terrain. If you do choose to ride in this sort of environment, maintain a slower speed, enter into curves and turns wide and slow and don’t pick up your speed until you are well past this.
  3. Car Lane Changes. Blind spots are something every driver needs to consider. Even the most responsible drivers have them. While on a bike, you occupy significantly less space and therefore are even more susceptible to being missed in a driver’s blind spot or being hit by a driver changing lanes. The simplest way to avoid this sort of accident is to stay on the lookout for stops in traffic, pass vehicles as quickly as possible and watch for turn signals and for cars weaving in and out of lanes.
  4. Rear Ended.  As with automobiles, these are extremely common accidents. You have reached a red light, slowed down, or come to a stop for any number of reasons, however the driver behind you has not noticed. What two automobiles consider a “fender bender” often tosses a motorcyclist from their bike.Instead of stopping dead center in a lane like a car, stop to one side or another at an intersection. This can provide you some room and a bit of a buffer if a car is not paying attention. While stopped, tap your brakes to keep your lights flashing, informing the cars behind you that you are there.

 Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are often more harmful to the bike rider than the person in the car. While you can’t avoid every accident, following some of these tips can help prevent the ones you can.


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