LED Lighting on Harley Davidson Motorcycles

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LED Lighting on Harley Davidson Motorcycles

LED Lighting for Night Riding on Harley Davidson Motorcycles

While reading a recent edition of HOG Magazine the other day, I read a story by Katie Maloney about the benefits of LED lighting on motorcycles. As all avid riders know, the only thing better than seeing at night, is being seen. With that in mind, I wanted to get the word out regarding LED’s and nighttime visibility. Compared to incandescent lights, LED’s are like the difference between black and white TV vs. color. They allow the rider to see a deer in the road, not just a dark outline or faded shadow.

It’s a great article and definitely worth the read for all riders. Katie lists many of the advantages LED upgrades provide, but the one that got my attention, over and above the obvious, has to do with fitment. Harley has gone out of its way to make sure that their LED light kits not only perform as advertised, but are also easy to install on your bike.

Bottom-line, I think they’re worth the investment. If you ride at night, a clear view of the road ahead is a must. LED’s help you see better and make you more visible, especially to those you don’t see. It all adds up to a greater level of motorcycle safety and protection and when done with style as Harley always does—a really good looking bike.

Last, but maybe not least, I’ve got a suggestion for the engineers at HD. The amber band of LED’s on the fairing (ref. the article) is setup to allow the outside clusters to act as auxiliary direction signals. Good idea. But what if instead of just the outside clusters flashing, the band from center point outward lights up in a reciprocating pattern to indicate direction. Something like that for the rear fender might be good too. Just a thought . . . maybe for next year.

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