Proper Insurance Coverage – Protect Yourself!

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Proper Insurance Coverage – Protect Yourself!

Too often I run into the same problem with many of my clients when dealing with insurance claims. All of the bike customizations they have invested so much time and money into are often not covered by their policy.


When you purchase Comprehensive or Collision coverage, at least $1,000 of Custom Parts and Equipment (CPE)/Accessory coverage is included in most states, but additional CPE coverage can be purchased to cover equipment up to $30,000 in value.


Let’s say your bike has customizations that total $5,000. Because it exceeds the automatic $1,000 CPE coverage given with Comprehensive or Collision coverage your insurance won’t cover it all. When you add parts and various customizations to your bike, make sure you purchase additional CPE coverage to ensure the parts are covered if they’re damaged in an accident. I recommended you take photos of your bike and all the customizations and keep all receipts for custom parts and equipment. Some carriers settle accessory claims dollar for dollar which means no depreciation in event of loss.  This coverage can include aftermarket parts and accessories, including:


  • Chrome accessories
  • Wheels
  • Custom paint
  • Saddlebags, luggage, tour packs & windshields
  • Handle bars and controls
  • Engine modifications
  • Electronics (intercom, radio)
  • Trike conversion kits
  • Side cars & pull-behind trailers
  • Safety riding apparel (including helmet)


Unfortunately accidents do occur and bikers must be prepared. Contact Karney Law Firm, a NC motorcycle accident lawyer, if you have any questions about your insurance coverage. Give me a call on my cell, 704-577-9360. I’ll answer any questions I can and advise you on the proper coverage for your bike. Protect yourself!

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