Taming the Dangers of Tail of the Dragon

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Taming the Dangers of Tail of the Dragon

Motorcycle enthusiasts have become who they are because of the thrill of the open road. They thrive on the excitement and the freedom motorcycles give them. The scenery they explore on a bike provides a singular experience that is unmatched by any other form of travel. Because of these passions, bikers seek out the most unique stretches of highway the earth has to offer. Tail of the Dragon is a winding highway that curls from eastern Tennessee into North Carolina.


It offers pristine views of this mountainous region, and it received its name based on the slithering path that it carves across the landscape. It is famed among riders. However, it can also be a dangerous stretch of road that requires some experienced riding in order to tackle it without being involved in a motorcycle accident.



Although bikers do like a certain element of excitement, safety should always be the primary concern. This mantra is especially true when proceeding along Tail of the Dragon. A few pointers from experienced bikers can help riders that plan to take on this adventure make their way responsibly through this vast stretch of natural wonder.


Riders should take extra precautions when the pavement is wet. The painted yellow lines become especially hazardous in these conditions. The possibility of slipping on the painted surface is nearly doubled. Staying in one’s own lane is critical. Learn more about safety tips while group riding. In fact, it is recommended that bikers stay only in the far-right portion of their lane because of the steep bends and hairpin turns. Cars and trucks coming around a blind corner may have a tendency to move into the oncoming lane of traffic. Although the scenery is beautiful, all eyes should be on the road when the bike is in motion. If you desire to do some sight-seeing, then you should pull off to the side of the road at a safe distance.


Keeping your eye on the road entails several different things. In addition to to being aware of what is directly in front of you, drivers should take note of what is coming up several hundred yards ahead. This action can give you the time needed to brake for accidents, animals, or other common hazards. Maintaining a safe amount of distance between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you is also very important. You must have room for slowing and maneuvering in the event of sudden braking or fast approaching vehicles from the rear.


It may go without saying, but you can never have on enough motorcycle protective gear. Leather gloves, jackets, and full-frontal headgear is a must. Planning is also a critical element of safety. Take time to make sure that your bike is mechanically fit and that your tires are in good condition.


Riders should also consider the amount of traffic that they will be facing on their trip. The least amount of traffic on Tail of the Dragon is before 11 a.m. and after 5 p.m. It is important to not let yourself get carried away or become too confident as Tail of the Dragon is not an area where bikers should perform tricks or try to become the fastest rider on the road. These are two of the primary causes for motorcycle accidents in this area. The other accidents are typically caused by excessive or hard braking and inattention on the part of drivers. If you or a loved one has been injured, legal guidance and timing are critical. Contact Karney Law Firm, a NC motorcycle attorney with more that 30 years of experience representing injured bikers.

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