Why Motorcycle Seat Height is Important

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Why Motorcycle Seat Height is Important

Motorcycle safety is very important to Karney Law Firm, a North Carolina motorcycle accident lawyer, and an item that at times is overlooked while purchasing a motorcycle is the seat height.


Seat height is usually an important element that motorcycle buyers consider when they are shopping around for a new bike. Dealerships use low seat height measurements as a sales tactic, since many people choose their motorcycles based on the height of the seat.

But how important is seat height and how much should a potential bike owner focus on these numbers? Below are suggestions on the motorcycle seat height and what it means for bikers.


The seat height of a motorcycle is the measurement of the bike’s saddle (or seat) from the ground. This measurement is only accurate when it is taken while the bike is in a completely upright position and not resting on the kick stand. Different bike designs will have different seat heights.


Motorcycles Offer Different Seat Heights


The height, size and shape of a motorcycle’s saddle, or seat can vary greatly according to what purpose the motorcycle is built for. By having an improper seat height, the riders angle is altered which affects the biker’s shoulders in relation to the handlebars. This can cause muscle fatigue which can alter ones maneuverability.


The seat height for cruiser motorcycles are usually the lowest. This is because of the forward positioning of the narrow v-twin engines that these bikes display.


Sport bikes are usually constructed with tall saddles because the higher clearance from the ground gives the bike the ability to be able to lean more during tight turns. The transverse position of the engine also makes it necessary to place the seat higher on a sport bike.


Motorcycles primarily built for off road use have increased suspensions that make for smoother rides. This extra suspension means that the seat height must be a little higher than the seat height of most other motorcycles.


Most bikers consider seat height to be very important because they feel safer when they can easily put their feet firmly on the ground. While this is not completely necessary for total safety on the bike, it helps to increase the rider’s comfort level, which is important for more inexperienced bikers. The weight of the bike actually has more of an impact on the rider’s level of control.


Lighter bikes can easily be held upright even if the rider can only touch the ground with their toes. A biker on a heavy bike may need to be able to place each foot flat on the ground in order to hold the bike upright. The only way to know for sure if the seat height of a bike will work for you is to test drive bikes with varying seat heights.


Safety is always first. Understanding the proper height of motorcycle seats can help prepare one when purchasing a bike. No biker wants to get involved in a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately accidents do happen and you must be prepared. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, contact Bob Karney, a motorcycle lawyer in Charlotte, NC. Call him on his cell 704-577-9360 or at the office 704-376-7982/toll free 877-376-7982.

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