North Carolina Motorcycle Road Trips

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 North Carolina Motorcycle Road Trips

Karney Law, a North Carolina motorcycle accident law firm understands the importance of motorcycle safety and the joy of riding the open road.


North Carolina offers some of the most popular roadways in the entire country. The diversity of the scenery can vary depending of the time of year, allowing riders to make the trip to North Carolina roadways time and time again. With warmer weather arriving, it’s time to prepare your motorcycle for Spring and hit one of North Carolina’s beautiful motorcycle routes.


National Scenic Bypass


Throughout the year, the Cherohala Skyway explodes with color. Surrounded by sky and blankets of changing forests, riders make their way from the Robinsville, N.C. to Telico Plains in Tennessee. This route allows you to start big, as the name suggests. This 36 mile expanse of road utilizes sweeping, broad curves that enhance the panoramic view of the land surrounding you.


Rising 5,400 feet to the top of the Cherokee Mountains before dipping into the Nantahala National Forests, this route is one of North Carolina’s best maintained and most cherished roadways.


NC Motorcycle Routes with History


Route 28, better known as Moonshiner 28, offers riders variety in both the scenery and the type of roads that they will encounter. The ride will be burned into the mind of travelers as they move beneath the Bridal Veil Falls north of Highlands. Tight turns, switch-back routes, and sudden sweeps along the edges of cascading terrain make the ride dynamic and exciting.


Named for its popularity with moonshiners making deliveries in the area, this roadway eventually merges with U.S. 129 as it meanders towards Georgia and South Carolina. Riders exiting the Tail of the Dragon can easily pick up this scenic extension.


Motorcycle Route Offering Numerous Curves


The Tail of the Dragon is a motorcycle ride whose reputation precedes itself. This ride challenges riders with its hairpin turns, dramatic shifts in elevation, and meandering curves. Carving its way through the countryside from Robinsville to Franklin, the Tail of the Dragon is not meant for amateur riders. The scenery is one of a kind; however, the road demands the attention of the driver.


One small 11 mile stretch contains 318 curves alone. Considered to be an extremely technical route, the Tail of the Dragon is the ideal road for riders that want to test their skills against a monster road who rewards victors with the most exhilarating views in all of the state.


North Carolina motorcycle accidents can occur anytime. If you or a loved one has been injured, contact Karney Law Firm, an Asheville motorcycle accident lawyer, Representing injured bikers for more than 30 years. 704-376-7982 or toll free 877-376-7982

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