How to Identify an Unsafe Motorcycle Helmet

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 How to Identify an Unsafe Motorcycle Helmet

Bob Karney is a NC motorcycle accident lawyer and has been representing injured bikers for more than 30 years. Safety is always first and understanding how to maintain your motorcycle helmet properly is important.


Look at your motorcycle helmet. Is your helmet maintained correctly and considered safe?


As we all know, the best protective gear a motorcyclist can own and use is a quality motorcycle helmet that is in good condition. That condition is affected by many things: cleaning is one factor often overlooked. Follow the instructions in your manual to keep your helmet clean; harsh chemicals can damage the finish and deteriorate the plastic, making it less effective. Stay away from petrochemicals, solvents, and corrosive cleaning agents by only using recommended helmet cleaning products.


Most helmets last three to five years unless these things occur:


  • High impact motorcycle crashes compromise a helmet’s reliability. It needs to be replaced if it has protected you in one. If you want as much protection the next time, it’s best to get a new helmet.
  • The retention system — the straps that keep it on your head — has to work correctly. If your helmet can’t stay on your head, that’s a sign you may need to look into the straps.
  • The padding inside the helmet gets worn by heavy use. If the helmet moves on your head with the straps fastened, and it used to stay put, that foam has worn down and your helmet needs to be replaced.
  • If there are cracks or spider-webbing lines on the EPS liner, it is losing the ability to protect you. You need another one that can do its job.


You only have one head and it’s worth the investment in a good helmet. You take care of your motorcycle, doing the maintenance it needs to keep it on the road and in good shape. Keeping your helmet clean without damaging it, checking it for deterioration, and replacing it when it needs to go are just part of being a good motorcyclist. If you have an accident, that investment will prove its worth and you’ll be riding for years to come.  Get the most out of your motorcycle experience while staying safe, read about additional motorcycle protective gear while riding to help prevent motorcycle injuries.


If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, contact Bob Karney on his cell 704-577-9360 or at the office 704-376-7982/toll free 877-376-7982.
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