Defensive Driving for Motorcyclists

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 Defensive Driving for Motorcyclists

Motorcycle safety is very important to Bob Karney, an Asheville motorcycle accident lawyer, and understanding your surroundings can help prevent accidents.


Many understand that riding a motorcycle is a skill that not a lot of people have been able to master. It takes a lot of concentration and effort in order to avoid being hit by another vehicle or to keep from being involved in a motorcycle accident. In order to ride a motorcycle effectively it is important to remember that certain driving habits determine how safe of a rider you are. There are many ways to ride a motorcycle but there is only one way to ride safely. Defensive driving skills are skills that drivers use to keep themselves and others around them safe.


Below are some defensive driving tips that all bikers should know. They may help prevent motorcycle accidents.


Defensive Driving and Your Motorcycle


  • Space keeps people safe. Allow plenty of space between you and the next car in front of you and any that may be next to you.
  • Try not to tailgate anyone in front of you. If they have to stop quickly you will find it harder to avoid a collision.
  • Take a motorcycle training course to learn the basics and have an opportunity to practice them.
  • Keep your eyes way out in front of you. If you can see a potential hazard before it gets to you, then you should be able to safely navigate through the mess.
  • Maintain the speed limit and try not to exceed the posted limit. People who speed are taking a huge risk with their safety. All it takes is one mistake and there can be a tragic motorcycle accident because of an individual going too fast.
  • Keep your motorcycle working properly. If you neglect to fix your bike and keep things working properly, you may have a malfunction and end up in a motorcycle accident. Learn proper ways to get your motorcycle ready for warmer weather.
  • Wear your helmet to avoid damaging sensitive areas of your body. Read a previous blog on what to wear to help prevent motorcycle injuries.
  • Take corners and curves slowly but keep moving. If you come to a stop the vehicle behind you may not be paying attention and could roll into you.
  • Riding a motorcycle at night definitely presents challenges and one should never ride sleepy.



When it comes to safety there is nothing more important. Learn to ride your motorcycle defensively so you can keep yourself and others around you safe and accident free. You will notice that the longer you are accident free the more you will see the benefits when it comes to your insurance policy.



If you or someone you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident, contact Bob Karney – Carolinas’ Biker Lawyer. He’s been representing injured bikers for more than 30 yrs. Contact your North Carolina motorcycle accident lawyer today – 704.577.9360 (cell) / 704.376.7982 (office) / 877.376.7982 (toll free in NC)
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