Touring Out West - Highlights from the Road

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Touring Out West - Highlights from the Road

If you have never traveled out West to Teton National Park or Yellowstone, put it on your bucket list for sure!  Seeing it on a motorcycle was the experience of a lifetime. Friends keep asking us, “How was your motorcycle trip?”  Frankly, we find it nearly impossible to respond because words and the tiny photos we took of the gigantic majesty that we call our National Parks just don’t do it justice.

Here’s our best attempt at articulating it…in a nutshell, it was like we were traveling inside a 3-D Discovery Channel movie the entire time!  Every day was a new adventure and every ride we saw something different or more amazing than the day before!  Our “WOW FACTOR” just kept escalating as the journey went on.  From Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Majesty of the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, The Chief Joseph Highway & the Bear tooth pass (at 12,000 feet!) to the Bison with their babies in the road, the rolling fields of sunflowers in Idaho and the rodeo in Cody, Wyoming, we felt like our brains were on overload! Not to mention our cameras exploding!  The rides were a spiritual experience we had not planned for.  Thank goodness for J.D. Rockefeller Jr. and President Teddy Roosevelt for saving and creating our National Parks.  Wow, Wow, Wow!  To be there over 4th of July made us really reflect on how appreciative we are to be Americans and that this is our beautiful land.


We took one of Lynn Isenhour’s escorted tours and honestly it exceeded our expectations.  If you don’t know about Lynn, you need to!  His tours are spectacular; some of the most beautiful rides in the country and really affordable for all the personal attention, expertly guided tours and fun times you have. We rode over 1,500 miles on long straightaways and curving winding roads through canyons with wind in our hair and cool temperatures.  Living in the city, we had not had the opportunity to really air it out like that.  It was the most joyful riding we’ve ever experienced.  The wildlife we encountered, the geo-thermal cauldrons, the hot sulfur springs, mud volcanoes, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, forests, geysers, and Grand Teton Mountain range simply take your breath away.  Let’s go back to the wildlife for a brief moment and just say that Bison, Elk, Moose, Antelope, and Bear own that land…we were simply passing though.  It was awe inspiring to see “our country, this great northern continent” protected and cared for by our hard earned and much paid tax dollars.  The Park Rangers were so informative, wearing their cool “Smokey the Bear” hats.  We had forgotten that some of the most spectacular places to visit in the world are right here in the great USA!  We will be back for more bike adventures for sure.


The best part, if your vacation time is limited, is that Lynn personally transports your bike and luggage in his trailer to the starting/ending destination. He handles all the planning and travel details of the entire journey.   If you are anything like us, we can’t afford to take off enough time from work to ride all the way out to a destination like Wyoming from NC and then ride for 8 days touring the sights.  But Lynn made it easy to just get there and truly vacation on our bike.  Super fun with no stress!  We traveled with 38 bikers from the Carolinas, 25 bikes total, and by the end of the 8 day trip we’d made new friends and riding buddies for life.  Lynn has such a gift for bringing proficient riders together and touring them to new vistas, hitting all the highlights and making you feel safe and relaxed as you travel over miles of scenic terrain.  No maps needed, just relax and ride!  We miss the fun friends we made and invite all of you to join us on the Blue Ridge Parkway this autumn to see the pretty leaves.  Lynn,  if you are reading this, thanks again for a SUPER trip and believe me, we’ll be there with you on your Northern California tour next summer.  Save us a spot!  The best way to see the country is behind you without a care in this world.


We took a ton of pictures, so be sure to check them out on Facebook.  If you think you would like to see more of this great country and have been trying to figure out how, we would highly recommend that you go to his website, lynnisenhour.com, and join us next August on the Northern California trip or maybe New England summer after next!

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