Dangers of Uneven Pavement for Motorcyclists

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Dangers of Uneven Pavement for Motorcyclists

Road construction seems endless across the Carolinas lately and with it comes some major safety concerns for riders. While most cars can manage these conditions safely, these can be dangerous for motorcycles. I’ve received multiple calls recently from bikers that have gone down due to one hazard in particular, uneven pavement. Uneven pavement is not just a nuisance to a biker—it can be a death trap. Unfortunately, pursuing any legal recourse in these situations is tough. Roads and highways are generally under federal or state jurisdiction which provides a high level of protection from legal recourse if an accident occurs. This is why knowing how to safely maneuver over uneven pavement is so important.


Motorcycle Safety on Uneven Pavement

When approaching uneven pavement in a construction zone, start your approach from a point away from the two levels. Turn into it at a sharper angle than a normal lane drift requires. Cross the uneven pavement as perpendicular as possible which is usually about a 45-degree angle. If you see any uneven pavement signs, slow down and be cautious when changing lanes. Another alternative would be to avoid roads and highways that are under construction and being repaved.


Motorcycle Accident Legal Guidance and Support

Preparing for road hazards can go a long way toward helping you avoid a crash the next time you ride your motorcycle. However, even when riders obey traffic laws and ride cautiously, they may still be at risk. If you’ve been involved in an accident due to uneven pavement, please don’t hesitate to call Karney Law Firm 877-376-7982. We’re happy to answer any questions and provide support and guidance any way we can. Ride safe.  

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