Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction

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Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction

We recently took a client out to do a motorcycle accident reconstruction. The accident involved an SUV using a side road to attempt an improper U-turn. In doing so, he hit our client. We had a crew of 6 conducting the reconstruction, including our client, two former North Carolina State Highway Patrolmen to serve as the experts, a drone pilot taking video from the air and another photographer on the ground.  


To do the reconstruction we had to locate a 2015 Ford Explorer to use so that we would have the exact same turning radius. The highway patrolmen used advanced computer software to replicate the Defendant’s exact speeds and angles. Then one of the highway patrolmen drove it and simulated the Defendant’s actions. At the same time, Bob rode his Harley to simulate our motorcyclist. Bob wore our GoPro camera on his helmet to film our biker’s view of what took place. The City would not allow permits to block the roads off, so it was very dangerous for Bob to be doing this in heavy traffic after dark. He was almost hit twice! The drone and ground cameras captured all of this and confirmed that our theory of the case was correct.


Our client has to testify at a deposition, so we had him sit in the front passenger seat of the Explorer so he would have a front row view of what took place. He is now fully prepared and confident going into his deposition.


This reconstruction took a lot of work. But it affirmed, without a doubt, that the SUV was at fault and that the biker did nothing wrong. It proves that the Defendant fully exited the main road, that the road was too narrow for the SUV to make the U-turn, and that the biker had the right of way. This was a very thorough endeavor and involved a lot of risk. But those are the lengths we go to for our clients. 


After any accident, talk with a lawyer who is a part of the Carolina biker community and has the experience to handle your motorcycle accident case correctly. Do not deal with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident alone. Contact Bob Karney, a motorcycle accident lawyer, by calling 877-376-7982 and schedule a free, no-risk consultation to discuss your accident.

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